17 Reasons Why You Have Diminishing Blog Popularity

If your blog is going on the right track, you will see that the popularity of your blog is increasing over the time. The longer your blog stays online, the more popularity you have. However, there are many bloggers who experience diminishing popularity of their blog. It means that they lose traffic gradually, and they can’t do anything about it.


Here are 17 simple reasons that might be the cause of declining popularity of your blog:

1. You are leaving your blog

Leaving your blog means completely abandon your blog and expect to keep its traffic. Here is a simple truth: “If the host of the blog is leaving, then the guests will leave as well.” If you, as a blogger, is leaving and abandoning your blog, don’t expect to keep the traffic because your readers will realize suddenly that you’re gone.

2. Your main motivation for your blog is money

Is money your main motivation in creating your blog? It doesn’t mean that trying to make money is bad, but if it is your main motivation when you start your blog, you will tend to abandon your readers. Think about it.

3. You lack passion with your niche

Don’t blog about ‘how to live frugally’ when you have no passion at all in this topic. Your blog must represent your passion toward the niche that you enter. Your visitors will know that you have lack of passion when they read your posts.

4. You make robotic posts that don’t have any personality

You are trying to include all the possible keywords in each of your blog post. The result is robotic posts that are hard to read and don’t have any personality. It is better for you to write naturally.

5. You don’t have enough focus with your blog

If you have 5 blogs to manage, it will be hard to keep your focus on a single blog unless you have some employees that you assign as company bloggers. It is better for you to focus on one blog at a time before moving to another blog.

6. You don’t post often

You will need to post daily if you want to build good popularity for your blog. If you don’t post often, you will lose traffic fast.

7. You don’t connect with your blog readers

Make sure to build good communication with your blog readers. Answer their comments and let them know that you are there to support and help them.

8. You don’t connect with similar blogs in your niche

Writing guest post is one of the best ways to increase and retain your blog popularity. If your blog is still new, it will become very important for you to connect with similar blogs in your niche. At least you have to know what other bloggers are writing in their niche and leave your comments to their blog as often as possible.

9. You have lack of marketing strategy for your blog

You also need a solid marketing strategy for your blog. Without a good marketing plan, it will be hard for you to get good traffic for your blog.

10. You expect big traffic in a short time

Remember that your blog traffic will increase gradually and naturally, as you have more readers. However, don’t expect to receive big traffic in a short time.

11. You don’t care about your readers

Help your readers and make sure that you’re always giving them good information that satisfies their interest.

12. You can’t compete with other blogs

There are hundreds of blogs that are in the same niche as you. That’s why you have to keep your pace so that you can compete with those blogs and not lose your readers. If you are not ready to compete with those blogs, you’ll be sure to see diminishing traffic soon.

13. Your information is ordinary and doesn’t carry unique perspective

No matter how ordinary the information that you give to your readers, always write it with your own unique perspective. Of course, everybody knows that people can lose weight if they control their diet, but if you present this information in a unique way, people will not lose their interest easily when they read this ordinary information.

14. You don’t have good passion and motivation with your blog

You must have big passion and strong motivation in order to maintain your blog, and maintain the traffic that it has.

15. There is no planning at all

What is the purpose of your blog? Do you have any plan? If there is no plan, then you’ll be sure to lose your readers quickly because they don’t know what your blog is all about.

16. You don’t “give, give, give”

You have to keep giving to your readers and make sure that your readers are receiving your gift happily. You will naturally get more traffic if you constantly give value to your readers.

17. Your blog name is awkward

Think about your blog name. Isn’t it strange? Choose a good name for your blog. A strange or awkward name accompanied with content with no purpose will soon make your blog go down in popularity.

If your blog is going down in popularity, check out those reasons. They will help you to fix your blog and improve its popularity.


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