Website Not Converting? Here’s 3 Reasons Why

Without conversions, your online business will not be successful – it’s as simple as that. You can spend a fortune on SEO and rank the highest on Google for your keyword terms, but you still won’t make a dime unless you can convert. In short, it’s a waste of your time – but why is it happening? We’re going to take a look at some of the most common issues experienced by new online businesses. The good news is there are some easy fixes – let’s take a closer look.

You don’t prompt your audience

You don’t prompt your audience

Successful websites understand the need to give their audience opportunities to convert. When you are selling anything online, you need to guide your visitors to take the right action. For example, let’s say you have a fantastic, compelling information page that is trying to encourage visitors to buy a product. The images of the product look great, the offer is compelling, and the guest needs it in their life. But there are no ways for them to buy the product there and then. As soon as your audience starts to try and navigate around your site, you run the risk of losing their custom. Make sure there are plenty of conversion opportunities everywhere on your site. ‘Contact us’ buttons, and temporary popups are good places to start.

Website Not Converting

Your audience doesn’t trust you

There are many reasons why a visitor to your website might not trust you. It could be the products you sell. It might be because your site is messy and disorganized. But the primary reason people will leave without paying is that you don’t have trusted, secure payments systems set up. There are merchant accounts for every kind of business in every industry. However, if you are a new business that is yet to prove itself, it might be difficult to find a provider that will work for you. It’s the same for industries regarded as high risks, such as gambling and consumer finance. There is a solution, though. Look around for a high risk credit card processing services that understands the risks involved in your industry. Once you sign up, make sure your customers know that you take secure payments seriously. You should see your conversions skyrocket.

Website Not Converting

Your checkout process is too long

When people shop online, they do so for convenience. It’s vital, then, to make sure their experience is as painless as possible. Many online businesses expect too much from their customers, particularly in the checkout process. They might ask for a name, address, email, date of birth, star sign, and eating habits. The simple truth is this is far too long a process. A name, bank details and shipping details are all you need. You can also speed things up considerably by offering PayPal payments or something similar. Give your customers the option to opt into your other services – a newsletter, for example. But if they just want to pay and leave, make sure they can. You will find your conversion rates improve by a significant amount.

Hope this helps. Other conversion issues exist, of course., But these problems occur time and again, so should be a great starting point.

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