Financial Literacy with Sunlife’s #LiveBrighter Forum

With my hectic schedule and numerous priorities, I was not able to put any attention to my retirement. Like most people, I dedicated majority of my time trying to earn money and spending what I make. Now, it worries me. What will my future be? How can I live a happy and comfortable life?

Sunlife is the oldest and largest life insurance company in the world. This year, the company is dedicating its expertise in promoting financial literacy with the goal of helping the Filipino community achieve financial security. Sunlife aims to help individuals like you and I achieve a brighter future through carefully designed programs which are tailored to suite all types of lifestyle. Whether you are a young individual wisely planning for the far-fetch future, an older adult nearing retirement age or someone like me caught in between, attending Sunlife’s #LiveBrighter Forum can help you make smarter decisions.

Attending their forum taught me that talking to a professional consultant is the right way to go. Establishing a financial plan for the future is a painstakingly complex plan to formulate. And for someone who holds no profound knowledge on the subject matter, it might as well be impossible to make. However, with the help of highly experienced consultants, this daunting and challenging tasks becomes more manageable. Investing and saving money does not have to be difficult. Not when you can seek advice from an expert.

Sunlife Financial LiveBrighter
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These are the few things you can expect to learn from attending Sunlife’s #LiveBrighter forum:


This refers to the increase and decrease of commodities and their value. It means that what your money is worth now will not be the same in the coming years.


This is one of the many things an individual needs to remember. It is important to be aware of the money when borrowing to avoid spending beyond what we earn.


This is essential to fight financial ignorance. One must have a source of income. For example, you can have “sidelines” to earn more.


This act is critical. You need to take the risk when investing, but this does not mean that you end up nothing at all. Because just like joining a contest, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

Professional Help

This is the best way to eradicate financial ignorance. You need to seek help from an expert. A professional consultant can help you out with all your financial problems and give you resolutions.

There is no better time to learn about how you can build a stable future than today! Embrace the opportunity to learn as much as you can by attending Sunlife’s #LiveBrighter Forum. Remember, we do not know what lies ahead. The more reason why we need to prepare for the unknown as early as today.

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