Obsessed With Niche Blogs? Go for Horizontal Guest Blogging

Running a successful blog on the internet is limited by only the amount of time you are willing to spend on it in a day. While content-building and frequent posting are the obvious initial steps, getting more and more traffic to the blog is the final step that make a good blog into frequently-visited and successful blog. There are many tried and tested steps that can transform a blog into one that gets many hits in a day. One of these is using proper meta-tags and with the help of search engine optimization and attracting visitors through search engines.

Other methods include using advertisements, sharing content on social media and popularizing content through more popular blogs. One such method however is called “Guest Blogging” and a more specific dimension of this type of link building is “Horizontal Guest Blogging”.

guest blogging

What is Horizontal Guest Blogging?

Guest Blogging is when a blogger writes a post on a different but popular blog. This post/article contains a little about the author and a link back to his blog. By this way, he gets a chance to expand his social reach by getting some exposure to an otherwise unfamiliar audience. Generally, this is done keeping the niche of the blog in mind. Horizontal guest blogging is when the author steps out of his preferred niche and posts on another blog specializing in an entirely different type of content. Many successful bloggers say this is arguably the most effective way of link-building and getting the best results in the shortest possible time. Horizontal guest blogging is more effective as it makes sure you are exposed to an entirely new readership, one that most probably did not know of your existence. This way, it maximizes your social reach. The thing with normal or Niche guest blogging is that there is a possibility that you encounter a group of readers already familiar with your blog.

Who should be Horizontal Guest Blogging?

Whether you administer a new blog or run a medium-scale blog with a reasonable hit-count, horizontal guest blogging will be helpful either way. If you have just started a new blog it will be more helpful due to the fact that you would not have achieved a sizable following of people who appreciate your work. All the help that you get, is welcome. For a blog that has been live for a while, getting new readership is a harder task. Your blog will always appear fresh and interesting to the new readers you get through horizontal guest blogging. In short, anybody who has his/her own blog can guest blog.

Who can you club with while Horizontal Guest Blogging?

Depending on the type of content you specialize in, you can relate your area of expertise to most other blogs you choose to be a horizontal guest blogger on. It is important not to ignore the fact that the post you compose as a guest blogger should enable the reader to relate to and get interested in.

If you run a Tech Blog then guest blogging will be one of the easiest tasks for you as almost field welcomes technology with open arms. A technological connoisseur can guest blog on a site specializing in Fashion and can write an article on ‘Fabric Engineering’. A Game Review blog can have a guest post by a Tech blogger on the best ‘Sci Fi Movies’.

In case your blog talks about Health and Lifestyle, your guest posts on a blog that talks about Energy Conservation could be about ‘Environment Friendly ways to a Healthy Life’. In addition to that, a Celebrity Gossip blog could feature a guest post on the stars that endorse a healthy lifestyle while leaping up the ladder of success.

For the administrator of a Travel Blog, a guest post could be made on a Sports Blog on the best places to visit in the calendar year that have a global sporting event going on. The same relation could be made with a Hollywood Blog talking about Film Festivals or an Animal Care Blog talking about the best places to go with your pet.

Horizontal guest blogging is a very effective tool but it is crucial to be careful not to make your post look like a marketing campaign! A lot of successful blogs with a large following will allow guest bloggers but often do quality checks beforehand.


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