IFTTT – Put The Internet To Work For You

Have you heard about IFTTT? If not, you should take time reading this article and you will be amazed how this feature works.  Hope you will find this useful and helpful to you.


IFTTT, is a coined word that means, if this that then. Make sense? It’s like you’re asking someone, a secretary maybe, to do some tasks for you. But here, you will be using the internet to work for you. Yes, you heard it right, it’s you using the internet to work for you, not you working using the internet. Sounds cool to you?

Here’s how it works.  You have to think or define a task that you would like to happen. Say if this “thing” happen, the internet does something like “this or that” for you. Let’s take an example such as if you were tagged on a photo in Facebook or let’s say if you tweet about anything on Twitter another thing happens as well, think of it like a domino effect.  Given THIS scenario will result to trigger THAT action. We can take for example as an action is ‘a message will be sent’ or ‘a new status on Facebook will be triggered’.  So THAT will be the action.

If we put what’s explained on top to simple equation, this will look like:

Scenario 1: IF (photo tag on facebook) = THIS will happen (a message will be sent)
Scenario 2: IF (a message is sent on twitter) = THIS will happen (status on facebook will be changed)

This will all happen thru different channels that we can find online. Examples of those channels are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Email, Phonecall or even Weather condition. But using IFTTT, you just have to deal with one single application to use all those channels. You define a task by using a specific channel to do something which will result to trigger another channel to do another thing as an effect of what the first channel did. By the way, recipes/tasks you created can be turned on and off anytime you want it. You are always in full control of what you would like to happen.


In a nutshell, this tool helps you update your social media networks, your to-do lists and even other applications online.  This If This Then That works to help you share your updates on social networks by using simple instruction and in one single action all at the same time.  Another example of this is if you text a message using a particular hash tag to a specific number, it will automatically put a note on Evernote. You can set this to send you a message to advise you regarding a Google event that is about to happen or even let you know via email if it will rain tomorrow.

Isn’t that amazing?

Are you sold out? Wait, here’s more.

Here are 15 IFTTT applets that will convince you definitely give the tool a try (in case you’re not, trust me it will blow your mind).

  1. Instagrams to Pinterest
  2. Instagram photos to Google
  3. iOS photos to Google Drive
  4. Flickr to 500px
  5. Instagram to Tumblr
  6. Post to Facebook and Twitter with your Voice
  7. Back up your new Android photos to Dropbox
  8. Share your New Videos to Facebook Page
  9. Turn Specific Instagrams to WordPressPhoto Posts
  10. Share new posts to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  11. New Blogger Post to Facebook & Twitter
  12. Post your new Instagram photos with specified hashtag to Tumblr
  13. Share new saved tracks to Facebook and Twitter
  14. Post new YouTube video uploads to Tumblr
  15. Your Medium Stories to Social Networks

Check the links of the applets here

If you now think that this will helpful to you, you may register at http://www.ifttt.com and take advantage of the system for free.  You can also down them on your Android and iOS device.


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